Samui Thai

Thai massage

Thai massage works with energy and the physical body of man. An important element of Thai massage – it’s contact with the ground, so the session of this massage is performed on a mat, masters say, “on the ground”. The weight of your body you would like to transfer the land, get rid of ailments and negative energy, relax.


One of the most effective vacation option is the spa system. SPA Body Treatments – a unique wellness program with the use of water – mineral, marine, or fresh. During spa body treatments are widely used seaweed, salt, mud and medicinal plants.

Foot Massage

In a simple massage, feet first bit knead special sticks, and then continue to knead by hand. Relax version involves solely kneading hands, with light pressure with your fingers. But in the second case, the main focus of the massage does not warm up his hands, and on pressing chopsticks on individual points. Immediately it should say that the habit, it can even cause pain.