Botanical Garden: SBD IN “VRBS” invites for collection funds garden tours during which visitors get acquainted with the hothouse collection of tropical and subtropical plants, a collection of perennial herbaceous, collections of trees, shrubs, water and some aquatic plants, as well as the site of introduction of natural flora!

The Akhtuba splits off the Volga above the city Volgograd (at 48.8167°N 44.6880°E), and flows toward the Volga Delta and Caspian Sea. The old beginning of Akhtuba was blocked by the dam of the Volga Hydroelectric Station; now it flows from the Volga via an artificial outtake canal 6.5 kilometres (4.0 mi) long that starts below the dam. The river is 537 kilometres (334 mi) long; the average water flow is 153 cubic metres per second (5,400 cu ft/s).